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During the coldest winter on seas, the tribe of vikings known as the Elk Vence went to search for loot,treasure and new land. Upon there travels in the ocean, they came upon a whale. The Captain, Kon-vin Elk Vence order the tribe to hunt the whale. They succeeded in capturing and killing the whale. However, they notice that it was a small baby whale and released the dead whale back to the ocean.

That same night the tribe was dismay, agitated and hungry. They wish that they should have never released the baby whale and gorge on it, even if It's not to pleasing to feast on.

As the night became completely black, the Captain Kon-vin Elk Vence saw gold and white lights appear. He thought to himself and ask: "Is this my hunger causing me to see visions?"

A sudden gust of wind slam the viking boat. The tribe half sleep jump up and were alerted.

But it was to late.

A beautiful woman in the form of water, ice and cover in areas of gold came bursting from the still ocean top. And with her, her beloved husband --A whale--The Lord of whales came crashing the doom Captain and the Elk-Vence tribe.

The captain remained alive as he watch his tribe drown and devour by the whale Lord.

The Ocean Godess spoke to the captain: "Captain of the Elk-Vence people, Hunter and butcher, it was my son you destroyed and threw back because you wanted something more pleasing. For this I will take what I want when any of your kin sail, navigate, or swim in my realm. You are now and forever my prey. My son was immense to me and no sea on this sphere can fill my deep lost."

Captain Kon-Vin Elk Fence wept as he saw pieces of his Viking queen, four warrior sons and his two young brothers floating around him.

"I will hunt you forever!" roar the Captain.

"Not for revenge, but that it pleases me" Captain Kon-Vin Smiled madly.

The Lord of Whales came down on the Captain and devour him.

20 X 16 inches

Painting with Acrylics

Cover with High Gloss Liquid Varnish

I used and kept to 3 colors: Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue and Gold. In addition, I use one plastic palette knife to create this piece.


Download (4.7 MB)
Reading on a daily basis has tapped into my imagination and interpretations of words, thoughts, sounds, emotions, landscapes, people, monsters, aliens, symbols, songs and story telling. I'm currently reading "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov; I have read the first 93 pages and have some ideas of what robots and the human characters of these stories could look like. Big, Bronze, slow, and yet have the attribute of being emphatic of humans and their own thoughts. What is most appealing is how I can relate to Robbie, Speedy, and all the other robots express their own feelings, emotions and reasoning. These robots personalities shine out through the pages. Although, for description purposes their eyes convey none whatsoever emotions, it is in their actions that they display their true self amid their human counterparts.

Not surprisingly, The character I find equally intriguing is Dr. Calvin. She seems to be connected to almost all the robots in the story; I finished the short story named Liar! I founded it to be mysterious that a robot can read a human mind, at the same time terrifying. I can picture in my thoughts how Dr. Calvin deep lines on her face must show as she bursts into anger over a deceitful deed done the robot RB-34 has done. It left me with a good impression of the other human flaws I have of my own. To a degree, I can understand people pleasing will backfire and having the ability to read minds is a gift and a curse. Of course this is my own opinion. At the end of the story, I can't help but wonder if RB-34 was ever really a mind reader or at all or wanted to be liked.


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Reader, writer, pencil sketcher, water painter, acrylic still lifer,html and css coder, dancer, fan of running 3 miles at 3 times a week, photographer, and loves prospect and central park.


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